Applications Parts List – A list of all parts required to perform a specific maintenance activity.


Asset – item of physical plant or equipment.


Asset Management – the systematic planning and control of a physical resource throughout its life. This may include the specification, design, and construction of the asset, its operation, maintenance and modification while in use, and its disposal when no longer required.


Backlog – The period for which each work order is overdue is defined as the difference between the current date and the ‘required by date.


Defect – A failure or other condition that will require maintenance attention


Maintenance Schedule – a list of planned maintenance tasks to be performed during a given time period.


Maintenance Strategy – a long-term plan, covering all aspects of maintenance management which sets the direction for maintenance management, and contains firm action plans for achieving a desired future state for the maintenance function.


Non-routine Maintenance – Any maintenance task which is not performed at a regular, pre-determined frequency.


Operational Efficiency– used in the calculation of overall equipment effectives.


Outage – power outage. Equipment shutdown


Preventive Maintenance – scheduled maintenance tasks done on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis to help maintain the equipment operation


Purchase Order – The prime document raised by an organization, and issued to an external supplier, ordering specific materials, parts, supplies, equipment or services.


Repair – the ability to fix equipment that has failed in performance and need to be repaired


Scheduled Maintenance – maintenance work that has been planned and put on a maintenance schedule


Shutdown – that period of time when equipment or the building is out of service.


Work Order – The prime document used by the maintenance function to manage maintenance tasks. It may include such information as a description of the work required, the task priority, and the job procedure.


Workload – the amount of labor hours required to carry out specified maintenance tasks.